Stockholm Zig Meetup #3


I visited the Stockholm Zig Meetup #3 and talked about apigen.

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Today I visited the awesome Stockholm Zig Meetup #3.

First of all, I have to thank the Zig Software Foundation for sponsoring the trip to Stockholm! Much love to you guys!

The evening was pretty chill, we met up at the Freys Hotel Lilla Rådmannen and were chatting about this and that before the event started. Was pretty cool to see some people again, and also finally meeting some of the others I already knew from the Zig Discord server.

We had three talks, one of which I gave. The other two talks were by Mathias Westerdahl and Isaac Yonemoto.

Mathias talked about how he started to transform the Defold Game Engine to be usable with Zig and enable to interface the Engine with a C API instead of a C++ API.

Isaac talked about how he enabled absolutely smooth integration of Zig into Elixir code via the NIF interface. The project itself is impressive as is, but Isaac is also a really skilled presenter and showcased really well how the integration was done. Sadly, he couldn’t attend in person. (See the recording)

I talked about my experiences of using Zig as a C toolchain. I used my project apigen as a test subject and inspected how the build system supported C development and how the Zig defaults for the Clang compiler also help creating a better developer experience than the other toolchains and environments we have right now.

After that, the group had to leave the conference room and we went to a pretty nice pub and socialized till late in the night.

Overall, this trip was a really nice experience and I’m really grateful I was in the position to take it.

Thanks again to the Zig Software Foundation for sponsoring the trip and The Defold Foundation for sponsoring the rooms!

PS.: I will link the talk recordings once they are available here.